Relish the Delicious, Nutrient-packed Beetroot Falafel Bagel at North Coast Café

Let’s shed light on a culinary gem creating buzz at North Coast Café – our Beetroot Falafel Bagel!

Specially crafted for veggie lovers and the vegan community, this bagel is also a hit among all food buffs. Prepared with lightly spiced beetroot falafels, our bagel offers a mild yet thrilling warmth to your taste buds.

Rich with fresh salad, crunchy cucumber and lettuce, each bite is a burst of freshness. Sumptuous layers of traditional or vegan mayo add a delightful creaminess, proving that you can enjoy food while sticking to your dietary choices!

The real treat lies in your choice of our bagel. Be it white, wholemeal, sesame, or our exotic red onion and chive, every bagel promises an exciting flavor journey that’ll make you fall in love.

Crafted with premium local ingredients by our skilled kitchen, this bagel is a snapshot of culinary passion, ideal for any meal or as pick-me-up snack.

Now, let’s talk health. Following a plant-based diet is a fantastic way to enjoy a wide spectrum of nutrients while keeping well-balanced health. Including vegetables in your daily intake provides you with vitamins, minerals, and fiber that contribute to better digestion, improved immunity, and overall wellness. Our Beetroot Falafel Bagel embodies this philosophy, combining taste and health in each bite.

So, whether you’re already a steadfast vegan, enjoy vegetables, or just fancy a scrumptious meal, give our Beetroot Falafel Bagel a try. Its delightful harmony of flavors will leave you wanting more. Dine with us and soak in the cozy atmosphere of the North Coast Café.

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