Discovering the Intense Cortado and the Delicate Piccolo Latte at North Coast Cafe

There’s nothing more satisfying to a coffee lover than discovering the nuances of different coffee styles. If you’re a caffeine aficionado seeking delightful coffee variations, look no further.

Welcome to the North Coast Cafe in Lynton, where we serve a spectrum of coffee flavours to suit your every mood. Today, let’s dive into the depth of flavour offered in two very different but equally enticing coffee beverages: the inherently intense Double Shot Cortado and the delicate Single Shot Piccolo Latte.

The Double Shot Cortado: Twice the Boldness

True to the saying that ‘some of the best things come in small packages’, the Cortado offers an invigorating blend perfect for those who crave a strong coffee flavour profile. Traditionally, a cortado is a balanced amalgamation of a single shot of espresso and a nearly equal — or sometimes more — proportion of warm, steamed milk.

At North Coast Cafe, we have given this traditional blend a powerful twist. Our Double Shot Cortado is an extra-bold variation with twice the amount of espresso. For those seeking a richly flavoured coffee experience, this will be a revelation.

The double espresso shots heighten the natural acidity and robustness of the coffee, which is then luxuriously ‘cut’ or ‘diluted’ with the creaminess of the milk, thus offering a potent yet balanced concoction. If you crave a caffeine kick that also indulges your love for luscious, velvety textures, the Double Shot Cortado is your go-to drink.

The Single Shot Piccolo Latte: A Delicate Delight

Moving on from the intensity of the Double Shot Cortado, let’s now turn to the more delicate offering of the Single Shot Piccolo Latte.

The Piccolo Latte, also known as a ‘baby latte’, is a miniaturized espresso-based drink that has its roots in Australia and New Zealand. This small yet flavorful coffee gets its name from the Italian word ‘piccolo’, meaning ‘small’, as it typically contains a ristretto shot of espresso and is topped with microfoam milk.

Our Single Shot Piccolo Latte is crafted carefully to provide an espresso-forward drink that still allows for a harmonious balance with the steamed milk. With just the right hit of espresso, it offers a punch of flavour without overwhelming your palate. And the milk adds a delightful velvety texture, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate a meticulously crafted balance of tasting notes in their coffee.

Your Coffee Adventure Awaits

Choosing between the Double Shot Cortado and the Single Shot Piccolo Latte is not about better or worse – each brings out unique layers and depths of coffee flavours. It’s about matching your mood and your taste preference at that moment.

At North Coast Cafe, we invite you to dive into these exciting variations and discover a new dimension of your coffee preference. Whether you’re seeking a strong coffee note in the Double Shot Cortado or prefer a delicate yet flavorful sip of the Single Shot Piccolo Latte, we’re here to satisfy your cravings and take your coffee experiences to new heights.

Come embark on this coffee adventure with us. There’s a whole world of coffee tastes waiting to be explored.

The Piccolo Latte – a single espresso with velvety milk.

The Cortado – a double espresso with smooth creamy milk.

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