Breve Cortado: The Ultimate Indulgence at North Coast Café in Lynton

Do you crave something a little more indulgent than your usual cup of coffee? Allow us to introduce you to the decadent Breve Cortado at North Coast Café nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Lynton.

Settle in with us as we dive deeper into the magic behind this velvety coffee experience, and get ready to find yer perfect excuse to treat yourself!

What is a Breve, anyway?

Picture this: a luxurious alternative that surpasses the delightful regular cortado, known for its equal parts espresso and frothy milk. 

Now, swap out that milk with Double Cream, and you’ve got yourself a Breve Cortado. Combining the indulgence of a classic Breve (pronounced “BREV-ay“) with the balanced ratios of a cortado, this charming concoction is bound to impress even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Defining Double Cream: Decadence in Dairy

The sheer opulence of our Breve Cortado can be attributed to one unique ingredient: Double Cream. A rich and thick cream, it is produced by separating the richer, fattier cream from milk. With a fat content of around 48%, it is certainly creamier than your average whole milk.

Double Cream: The Game-Changer

With such a luxurious component in the mix, the question begs: how does Double Cream transform your coffee experience? Using Double Cream in the Breve Cortado not only creates a velvety consistency and richness but also enhances the espresso’s flavour by offering an unparalleled coating sensation for your taste buds. This heavenly marriage of espresso and Double Cream brings forth new dimensions of flavours and aromas, taking the coffee experience to a higher level.

The Best Times to Savour a Breve Cortado

A Breve Cortado can deliver a delightful boost to your day at just about any time, but here are a few ideas to make it feel extra special:

  1. Lazy Sunday mornings: Curl up in your favourite chair with a Breve Cortado by your side as you leisurely flip through pages in your ideal weekend read.
  2. Mid-afternoon pick-me-up: Feel the slump coming on at work? Turn that work break into an opulent escape with our luscious Breve Cortado. Productivity never tasted this good!
  3. A post-dinner treat: Satisfy your craving for an indulgent dessert without settling for a full-blown sugary confection. A sweet, decaf Breve Cortado will hit the spot just as well!

No matter the occasion, the Breve Cortado at North Coast Café in Lynton is a delightful indulgence worthy of your attention.

Join us and experience not only a visual feast in our coastal town but also a sensory adventure that will linger far beyond the last sip. See you in Lynton!

The Breve Cortado – a double espresso with smooth creamy milk and double cream.

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