The Italian Pizza Bagel: A Yummy Treat at North Coast Café

Hey foodies, listen up! Ever dreamt of the perfect combo of a hearty Italian pizza and a bagel? Well, North Coast Café in Lynton has some incredible news for you – we’ve just added the delectable Italian Pizza Bagel to our menu!

The Pizza Bagel is taking a short break, and will be back soon!

This isn’t just a run-of-the-mill bagel; it’s the ultimate indulgence! Let’s kick things off with a toasty white bagel, the perfect base for this yummy treat. Top that with a juicy grilled sausage patty, locally sourced, of course. We’re all about supporting our community and ensuring the food we serve is top quality.

But wait, there’s more! Between two slices of Swiss cheese oozing creaminess, you’ll find that tasty sausage. Then, we drench it all in a lip-smacking Italian pizza sauce, rich with vine-ripened tomatoes and aromatic herbs. To finish off, a layer of crispy cheddar cheese forms a golden cap, adding a little crunch to this cheesy delight.

And because we believe in balanced meals, each Italian Pizza Bagel is served with a fresh salad and creamy coleslaw on the side. The crisp salad adds a touch of freshness, while the cool coleslaw pairs perfectly with the warm, cheesy bagel.

Sound too good to pass up? We thought so! That’s why we invite you to pop by North Coast Café, settle in, and dive fork-first into our newest creation. The Italian Pizza Bagel is waiting here for you to try.

So, come over, enjoy the good vibes and dig into a meal that’s nothing short of a taste explosion. See you soon at North Coast Café, the place where good food, great times, and innovation meet!

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