The Music & Sounds of North Coast Cafe

When you walk into the North Coast Cafe, it’s not just the tantalising aroma of brewing coffee and delicious food that draw you in. Adding to the irresistible allure is the melodic symphony of music, beautifully played through four SONOS speakers, creating a soundscape as thoughtfully curated as our speciality coffee from Voyager, roasted in Devon.

Whether you’re visiting the cafe for your morning brew, a lunchtime bagel, or an end-of-the-day sweat treat, the North Coast Café offers an exceptional auditory treat. Featuring a unique mix of chill, pop, ambient, dance, and house music, our playlist has been carefully curated to please the discerning ears of our diverse clientele.

An Eclectic Symphony

At North Coast Cafe, our music is an eclectic tapestry of sounds woven together to create a harmonious rhythm. From the smooth notes of chill music setting a peaceful ambience to the infectious energy of pop tunes adding a familiar touch, every genre has a role to play. The sounds of ambient music provides an expansive feel to the auditory experience, while beats from dance and house genres infuse joyful energy, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Our playlist serves as an aural backdrop, subtly enhancing the sensory experience while maintaining a careful balance—always immersive, but never intrusive.

The SONOS Experience

Music at North Coast Cafe is delivered through our 4 advanced SONOS speakers, ensuring a rich and immersive audio experience. The cutting-edge acoustic technology of SONOS ensures every note reaches your ears with absolute clarity, enveloping you in a sound that’s warm, full and remarkably crisp. The seamless sonic experience, from the moment you step in till you leave, adds another layer of charm to the café’s appeal.

Discover and Share Music

We often find our music sparking conversations, with several customers inquiring about a specific track or our engrossing playlist. We believe that music—like coffee—brings people closer, enhances shared experiences, and can turn a simple café visit into a magical encounter. 

We absolutely delight in sharing details about our playlist, helping our cafe-goers discover new artists or songs to enjoy beyond the confines of our four walls.

So, as you take your next sip of espresso or bite into a tasty bagel, let your ears relish the delectable symphony of sounds around you.

We invite you to be a part of our harmonious world, where every moment is enhanced by the perfectly synced rhythm of coffee brewing and music playing.

We're currently in love with ...

A few of the Artists in our playlist ...

Anton Ishutin
Bebe Rexha
Blank & Jones
Burak Cilt
Costa Mee
Crazy P
Dani Corbalan
Dua Lipa
Eli & Fur
Ellie Goulding
Gary B.
Hatef Mehraban
Ijan Zagorsky
Jessie Ware
Kings of Tomorrow
Late Night Alumni
Le Flex
London Grammar
Mandarin Plaza
Max Oazo
Melih Aydogan
Miguel Migs
Nayio Bitz
Nikko Culture
Nils Hoffmann
Papa Tin
Platonic Penguins
Purple Disco Machine
Rita Ora
Satin Jackets
Topsy Crettz
Triangle Sun
Zeni N

You can view the full North Coast Chill playlist below, or by clicking this link, which will take you to the playlist in Apple Tunes

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