The Amazing New "Hot Dog Toasty": A Fun Fair Celebration at North Coast Cafe

Created by Neal, this toasty brings together irresistible flavours of the fun fair in a toasted sandwich masterpiece.

Prepare yourselves, fellow food lovers, as the North Coast Cafe in Lynton has something otherworldly to share: the delightful “Hot Dog Toasty.” Neal has skillfully captured the essence of the fun fair in every bite of this scrumptious toasted sandwich.

The Ingredients: A Crave-Inducing Combination

Within the heavenly realm of this delish wonder known as the “Hot Dog Toasty,” the ingredients work harmoniously together, creating a taste sensation like no other. Starring the all-time favourite Dino’s “Little Franks“!  you’ll find these mini hot dogs are joined by a rich layer of American mustard, which adds tanginess to complement the classic flavour. This zesty addition is accompanied by a sweet touch of ketchup, further enhancing the joyous carnival of tastes.

But the taste doesn’t stop there. Neal has also included melted cheese, which swaddles the “Little Franks” with an irresistible creaminess. The undeniable pièce de résistance is the layer of crispy fried onions, added not only for their mouthwatering flavour but also for a satisfying crunch.

A Fun History of Dino’s Frankfurters

The star ingredient of Neal’s Hot Dog Toasty is Dino’s “Little Franks,” which boasts an interesting history. Dino’s, the home of these delightful mini hot dogs, has been dedicated to serving up fantastic frankfurters since the early 1950s. With a passion for good food and an undeniable love for hot dogs, Dino’s made it their mission to introduce the world to their version of the perfect Frankfurters – and thus, the “Little Frank” was born.

Whether you’re a Lynton local or a visiting explorer, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the innovative “Hot Dog Toasty” at the North Coast Cafe.

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